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Free of charge COMPENSATION for accidents in POLAND | Indemnity .pl

We earn solid compensation

we have been doing it successfully since 2012

What will you gain by coming to OCentrum?

And no one else will give you that


You will receive MAXIMUM compensation. We only get a fair percentage of the winning case. We can also repurchase compensation for CASH.


All formalities are performed for you. You do not have to worry about anything. Thanks to new technologies and automation, we operate very quickly and without error.


In the case of communication damage, we provide replacement vehicles.
We also work with specialists (eg with psychologists) to help with health problems.


With us you feel that your case is in good hands. You only have one chance to do it right. By engaging OCentrum, you give yourself the best chance of winning.

How do we work?

  • Contact us

    Chat, call us or fill in the contact form

  • Deliver documents

    Prepare documents and send it to us either via post or a scan

  • Track the progress

    You will receive a remote access to a system which will allow you to follow each step of your case.

  • Receive money

    You will receive the compensation on your account


Unbluffed sidewalk

In the winter of 2014, Mr. Adam fell on an unkempt sidewalk and broke his arm. The Insurer of the Housing Cooperative paid only PLN 1 000. As a result of court proceedings, we have received PLN 43 000 compensation for our client.

Offered 1000zł
Won 43000zł

Road accident

In the autumn of 2012, our client’s husband, driving a car on the public road, drove into a hole that could not be avoided. Due to improper maintenance of the road by the administrator, there have been numerous vehicle damage. However, the insurer paid only 650,18 zł. As a result of the well-executed court proceedings, we have received full compensation for our Client, ie PLN 4 500.

Offered 650,18zł
Won 4500zł

Life insurance

In December 2012, Mrs Halina’s husband died, in case of death, our client – under the concluded contract – the insurer was obliged to pay 40 150 zł. Due to the fact that the insurance agent misrepresented our client, the insurer refused to pay the benefit. As a result of court proceedings we have received for our client the full amount for which he was paid.

Offered 0zł
Won 40150zł
  • We will analyze your case very quickly and free of charge.

  • We will evaluate what amount of compensation is due.

  • You decide what you want to do.

What we offer?

We win compensation

Approximately 90% of compensation for traffic accidents is undervalued. If you have had an accident in the past 3 years or you have suffered a health impairment within 20 years, we will obtain the compensation you deserve.

We repurchase compensation

If you have been granted incomplete compensation and want to receive cash, we will redeem the claim and we will take care of the matter. You do not have to participate in the injury elimination process, saving your time.

We support

You already have the best lawyers. We work with psychologists and professional coaches to help you with the difficult life situation you are in.

We rent cars

If you lost your car as a result of an accident and you need to be mobile, we can offer a replacement vehicle for the time of injury. The rental will be covered from the insurance company’s account.

Contact us and win maximum indemnity

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